This history-themed blog is about celebrating the analogue in this digital world. I am a “digital immigrant” living in Vancouver, BC. Vanalogue is about exploring and featuring all things “analogue” (or historical) in Vancouver and beyond. Van (Vancouver) + analogue = vanalogue.

Researching and writing about local history is my passion. I love to uncover the untold or long forgotten stories of the people and places of this region.

Enjoy the journey back in time,

Christine Hagemoen

P.S. I also research, photograph and write pieces for Scout Magazine’s You Should Know column – a collection of Vancouver “histories and mysteries”.

Phone booth on Main St. at 16th Ave. Photo: C. Hagemoen

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  1. This latest April 2014 post is some spectacular CBUT and Vancouver jazz history with notes about one of my fave early Vancouver jazz vocalists Eleanor Collins!! The productions that CBUT (CBC) were doing with artists like Collins on radio in the 40s and later on television in the 50s were completely brilliant and are incredible projects/productions that are definitely something to boast about. Amazing performances from our best jazz musicians performing on tv and radio are hidden in archives.

    Personally, as a devoted jazz fan I would love for this historic jazz material one day to be completely liberated from the dust and made completely accessible to the public permanently. This would require some funding and is worthy for historical reasons and for educational purposes for our Canadian youth and simply because the historical material is a national treasure. This material on jazz from CBUT, (CBC) from television, from radio is priceless jazz history and is a glamorous and fascinating historical period from the Canadian entertainment world of older days.

    Thanks to wonderful CBC Vancouver’s Colin Preston I was able to feature Eleanor Collins on my university radio show last year in February 2013. I sampled first hand the incredible recordings from CBC archives and so did the listening audience.The wisdom filled Collins now at age 94, is one formidable talent who I adore from that period. There were so many other phenomenal jazz talents in Vancouver like Chris Gage, Don Thompson, Fraser MacPherson, and so many more. I would love to see it all made available to Canada in an accessible manner on a website or easy mode for accessibility one day for all Canadians to enjoy. Not only that, there is definitely some worthy material for a series on jazz in Canada to be brought to film or current television programming or for even a regular jazz show that is both modern/current and also flashes back to the past.

  2. Dear Christine
    Nice research on historic Vancouver photography: the electricity pole near Main Street, and the Erskine Beveridge series. I am a member of the Vancouver Photographic Historical Association, and have sent an email to our president to draw his attention to your blog. Among the gear collectors, we also have some members who enthusiastically research images from the early years of photogaphy. This message might be moot: for all I know, you might also be a member of the club. In any case, thank you for posting your research!
    Best regards,
    Ingo Breig

      1. I look forward to more Vanalogue articles!
        Tonight Peter gave a presentation at WCPHA about a large (approx. 20″x30″) hand-tinted photo of Empire Stadium, taken the day of the Bannister & Landy race. What a surprise to look at your website now and see that you did a feature on the 1954 Commonwealth (British Empire) Games!
        Here is the club’s website. Guests are welcome at club meetings! I hope that this URL doesn’t set off your website’s spam alarm.
        Best regards,

  3. This local project is trying to identify a trove of WW I era negatives, some depicting southwest BC scenes and some showing overseas WW I scenes. Not sure if this is of interest to you, but I thought I’d send you a link. Hearing Brendan describe the project and seeing him hold the negatives was spellbinding. I don’t mean this to be a post or a comment, just a way to alert you to something cool.

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